Have more 'Bond' moments...

In this summary of a 3 hour keynote to a room full of Chief Executive Officers, Brad describes how James Bond continues to deliver exceptional employee performances through practicing the 7 Exemplary Leadership habits of effectiveness.

EMC Keynote

Brad speaks with a global leadership team about the significance of whether their leadership encourages their global teams to Thrive, Survive or Nose Dive through dramatic organisational change.

Diageo Highlights

In one of Brad's creative "Tailor-Made" event creations, experience how he created, designed and delivered a full event Ireland's Diageo organisation.

Sony Highlights

How do you create, deliver and launch a new smart phone from nothing to sold out status before launch?  This is how...

Present Naked Overview

Brad describes how he delivers the Present Naked workshop to enable conference speakers to deliver with substance and sizzle!

Thriving Leadership Overview

Brad describes the key content to a workshop that helps leaders cope with change, choices and principles.

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