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Brad Waldron's high-energy, interactive sessions go far beyond traditional one-way keynotes where the audience sits and listens. One of his best clients called him an Audience Arsonist because he sets a fire under the seat of every audience member to ignite change for a remarkable transformative experience.

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Conference Host

It’s like having a Ricky Gervais and Tony Robbins merged into one person!”

Brad creates energy and engagement with every business audience, he makes people laugh, creates value and provides the links between the key messages of the conference and the call to action that is required.

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Brad can provide specialised facilitation. Providing skilled professional facilitation to work with you to get the best out of the time and the people in your meetings and events or to train you and your team to develop your skills and confidence in the design and faciltiation of meetings.

Keynotes - Brad will light up your event!

Thriving Leadership

One of the biggest challenges of leadership is being able to take the team with you and more importantly, engage everyone in their role as cultural pace setters irrespective of where they sit within a company.

This engaging workshop will share with you the three natural leadership gifts that build or destroy a company’s effectiveness.  How to create the conditions to thrive and get the best buy-in from the people you lead to create the company culture that will enable you to perform at your best. As a consequence, everyone will have their own personal Thriving Leadership Toolbox to take back into the work place.

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The Leadership 7

Effective individuals win two victories in life: a Private Victory when they learn self-mastery and self-discipline, and a Public Victory when they build deep and enduring relationships with others. As they practice the Leadership 7, they move from being dependent on others to independence and finally to interdependence, where they reap the rewards of superb cooperation and collaboration.


Helping Clients Succeed

53%* of a customer’s purchase decision is driven by the sales experience itself.  Customers buy more services and more frequently from sellers that help understand how to compete more effectively. (* CEB Best Practice Research).

In the current market where will you find your Competitive Advantage?  In your Product?  In your Price?  In your Promotions?

Consultative Selling is a fresh, innovative way of engaging your clients.  People buy with their hearts and justify with their heads.  Your solution must satisfy both and present a compelling case for why buyers should buy, and why they should from you.


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Present Naked

Liberate your presentations and reveal your hidden potential.  Some presenters light up the floor space when they present and then there are those who only light up the floor space when they leave!

Naked Presenting is a fresh, innovative way of communicating with audiences from 1 to 10,000 that allows the presenter to be totally natural, completely connected and transmit a message with absolute clarity. Their presentations will feel vital and provide the audience with an immediate ‘What’s in it for me?’ factor.  A presentation with smoke and mirrors you may ask?  No, it’s how to present with substance and sizzle.


I, the People's Revolution - Change, Choice and Winning

The top five companies by market capitalisation have all completely disrupted the marketplace with new, never seen before innovation.  Whereas, 10 years ago the top five were the traditional bank and utility companies.

In this turbo charged keynote Brad will challenge how we use the same innovative, disruptive thinking to help people chart their passage through the whitewash of change, how to build habits of resilience, and accelerate and adopt uncharted work practices to give them a real competitive advantage so you can be at the forefront of any transformational agenda.

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Innovate Now!

Innovation is a central pillar to every companies strategic drivers where established companies can be killed with a smart kid with an app!

Start seeing new opportunities around you, get your creative juices flowing, and get your great ideas to market faster.

Brad will help you see your Blue Ocean of possibilities through a replicable formula that helps people see beyond the constructs of incremental development.


Let Brad design a magical experience for you...

Want a keynote designed specifically for you, your circumstances and key enabling focus?  Brad will 'get behind the weather' of what you want to achieve and apply his innovative thinking and design a world class solution that will knock the socks off those in attendance.

sony event at the hospital club london

Host - Brad will keep your event inspiring and on track!

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From start to finish Brad will help you design the ideal conference from theming, content and takeaways.


Brad will provide the energy, connection and session highlights by linking the other speakers and keeping the audience engaged.


Bring life to panel discussions, ask the tough questions and give the audience what they need through facilitated moderation.


Have presenters who fear speaking or want to make a presentation conversational?  Let Brad interview your CEO or customers.

Speaker Prep

Want your speakers to raise their game and deliver at their very best?  Let Brad transform their style and message.

Facilitator - ignite everyone to be your best thinkers



Create and align your company and team behind a compelling Vision and set of Values to drive the organisation forward.

Team Building

Through using unique creative themes, Brad will build your teams through an experiential learning experience parallels reality.


Learn the Innovation FrameWork that builds an Innovative Think Lab to help foster thought leadership and create a new solutions.


Take advantage of having the whole sales force present by developing the key skills and capabilities to achieve growth.


Create your winning ambition and the road map that will set your company on course to greater performance and profitability.

Next Steps...

Contact Brad in the USA on +1 703 650 9261 or Europe on +44 7925 905 007.  You can email him direct at